About Sam

photos by kristinjeanphotography, billings mt

photos by kristinjeanphotography, billings mt


Hey guys...

That's me up there ^, the one with the messy bun, staring at the edges of that cake as though the entire human race depended upon how sharp I could get them. That's how I like 'em, clean cut and #sharpasshit.

I haven't been “caking” for long. I had a passion for baking growing up but lost interest as I got older. I started it back up again last summer with the essentials: cookies, breads, sheet cakes (nope). After a while I realized there was no real market for the pastries and baked goods that I enjoyed making unless I had a storefront to sell them from. So, that's when I picked up cake decorating. I starting following accounts on Instagram from all over the world, and I picked up my techniques solely from watching their videos and reading their posts. To this day, most of these accounts are now my "caking idols" who I still admire and learn from on the daily.

When I finally decided to start Sweets by Sam in the fall of 2017, I knew I had to bring something new to the table. I didn't want to be just another cake lady in town, so I decided to utilize some of those international caking techniques and designs that I'd learned, and implement them into a product that people hadn't seen around here before. I refuse to use fondant, I don't do sheet cakes or sculpted cakes, and I only choose to make flavors that I'm truly passionate about and enjoy baking. I love embracing the shape and elegance of the classic "cake" look, with a modern twist. Sharp edges and smooth buttercream, matched with modern textures, patterns, and colors that catch the eye.

My goal with Sweets by Sam is to create something that takes your breathe away the very first time you see it, while also being tasty enough to keep you coming back for more. It brings me so much happiness to be able to be a part of some of the most important chapters and events in people's lives, and to hopefully bring a little extra color and flavor to those special memories as well.

Thank you so much for supporting and loving this small business, and for taking the time to look through my work, it truly never goes unappreciated.